2024 Volkswagen Jetta Vs. 2024 Toyota Corolla Comparison

vw jetta vs toyota corollaVW Jetta Vs. Toyota Corolla

The Volkswagen Jetta and Toyota Corolla enjoy a great reputation in the performance-focused sedan segment, which is exactly why drivers compare them parallelly to find out which outperforms the other. Leading the segment, both these new-age sedans embrace intriguing craftsmanship and a powertrain worth praising, especially by those who value performance and comfort equally. Read on as the experts at Arrow Volkswagen take you through both the 2024 Jetta and 2024 Corolla side-by-side, comparing their powertrain system, design and other prominent features. Take a look! 

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Specifications 2024 Volkswagen Jetta 2024 Toyota Corolla
Engine Type 1.5 TSI turbocharged, 4-cylinder 1.8L 4-cylinder DOHC 16-valve
Horsepower 158 169
Torque (lb-ft) 184 151
Transmission 8-speed automatic / 6-speed manual CVT
  • Engine Capabilities: Compared to the VW Jetta, the Toyota Corolla is available in two powertrain systems, including a hybrid 1.8-litre DOHC engine. The Corolla’s standard gas engine boasts 169 horsepower, whereas the Jetta’s standard 1.5-litre TSI turbocharged engine produces 158 horsepower. 
  • Performance: The VW Jetta (184) has better torque than the Toyota Corolla (151), meaning it transmits power to all four wheels more effectively, which can enhance traction and stability, particularly in challenging road conditions. 
  • Comfort: Experience the luxury of space in the Volkswagen Jetta. Passengers in the back can stretch out a lot more than those in the Toyota Corolla, as the 2024 Jetta offers superior rear legroom and headroom, ensuring everyone aboard is comfortable throughout long road journeys. 
  • Safety: Both these sedans prioritize maximum on-road safety with their intelligent standard and available safety technologies. On the 2024 VW Jetta, you get the standard IQ. Drive system, whereas on the Toyota Corolla, you have the Toyota Safety Sense 3.0.
  • Technology: Many state-of-the-art features are common to both the Jetta and Corolla, including wireless charging, wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility and a premium audio system. The only major difference is the availability of specific trim levels. Many of these features are standard on the VW Jetta, whereas they are limited to a specific trim option on the Corolla. 


After a thorough comparison, it’s clear that both the 2024 Jetta and Toyota Corolla are excellent choices for affordable, reliable, and fuel-efficient sedans. If you’re after a sporty, high-performance sedan with premium luxury and comfort, the VW Jetta is your best bet. The choice is yours!

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